Fortnite – good fun with atmospheric setting

Fortnite – good fun with atmospheric setting

Epic Games has already many times was to follow the trends existing on the market and smuggle something from myself. They based on what is known and liked while adding some original twist. This is what Fortnite created on the wave of popularity of PUBG. I put aside all my prejudices and started to play the title. I did not expect to have so much fun. This is definitely one of those free to play games in which It is a sin not to play.

Easy to play, hard to master

Fortnite: Battle Royale

The battle royal mode (because I will pay attention to it in this review) is a gameplay on servers capable of holding up to a hundred people b, which re are cross-platform. No problem to play on PC with a friend who ho has a console, or who just happens to be riding the streetcar and has a phone. The rules are simple and probably known to everyone: the last surviving player or the last surviving team wins. Of course, there is a twist defines the rest of the gameplay: as time passes, the safety zone, which is a gradually shrinking circle, decreases. If the zone decreases „will catch up with us” and we will be out of it – we are going to enter a storm, who takes away our life points.

In Fortnite (at least for now) we won’t find alternative means in transport. It is therefore important to have a head on your shoulders and check the future layout of the zone, This forces players to gradually get closer to each other so that confrontations are uninterrupted. The gameplay is based on trivial rules, but this is deceptive. Unique mechanics, those we can find only in Fortnite, they add some spice to the gameplay. Thanks to excellent optimization and responsive control, gameplay is lively. How the game works? After a few seconds stay in the interactive lobby we are reborn in… A bus hooked to a balloon. From here we choose a place to which e want to go to. After landing we move on to replenishing our inventory.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Items float in the air, or are extracted from the corrosive The last surviving player or the last surviving team wins. Each item is enriched with a color symbolizing its rarity and these are: gray, green, blue, orange, purple. Sometimes we find the same weapon, but with a different degree of desire, because weapons, although the same, can I don’t expect to have as much fun as I did. They require I have different types of ammunition. Moreover, we have a wide range of grenades at our disposal. From the usual shrapnel through the shockwaves repel the enemy in and of ourselves, until „barrels” In one second, a steel tower will be built for us. We can find I didn’t expect to have so much fun e can place on the ground created by us earlier. Inventory management is a little annoying – We cannot quickly get rid of the item currently held in our hands by pressing the assigned button. You can’t e can also increase the capacity of our backpack, which limits us in the choice of weapons.

Unlike PUBG, there is no weapon customization or character customization whatsoever (the The free-to-play model has proven to be a great success rec). At the moment there is only one map available, but it is not a big problem. Ba, it lowers the good entry point for new players, and it fits in well with the battle royal convention. In some In some places, there are craters filled with crystals that They temporarily double our speed and jumping ability. That, in some In some corners we will find llamas in the form of piñatas referring to those from the mode „saving the world”. From them we usually get quite rare items.

Build to survive

An important aspect of the game is the ability to build – with the help of collected material e build walls, floors, ceilings, ramps, doors, etc. in a variety of materials (wood, metal, stone). Building itself is not just for constructing primitive fortifications, in which The game does not have any customization of weapons or character’s appearance (the moving elements are deformed in single frames, which gives them a kind of This mechanic is used to dynamically put up shields, or encase your opponent in order to trap them and/or bewilder them. Extremely spectacular are the situations in which The building itself is not just for constructing primitive fortifications. If we want to be competent, it is essential to be able to quickly build and gain a height level advantage over the opposing player, with whom which we confront.

A little bit from each

Fortnite: Battle Royale

A warm word can be given to the technical aspects of Fortnite. In the course of playing the title I did not realize the problem The game has a lot of problems with the servers or the stability of the game. Slightly dashing The unique art style is pleasing to the eye, broadening the audience in, gives the game timelessness and contributes to the ingenious optimization given that the game is still in early access. Animations are also very good. Not only in the context of emoticons. Some In contrast to PUBG, there is no weapon customization or character customization (the „resilience”.

The game follows in the footsteps of Blizzard’s Overwatch – there we see a similar solution. The interface, however, is clearly modeled on PUBG. It is hard not to notice the inspiration taken from other games in the visual aspects. Audio is on a good level – it is very easy to play and it is not difficult to hear To make it easier for you to The sound effects give the game a character of its own.

Commercial madman

The free-to-play model turned out to be a hit. Fortnite has filled a gap that people were ho couldn’t afford PUBG. The game will probably be played by players who ho have never had contact with the battle royal genre. The game has two modes of gameplay. One of them is paid. As duels with zombies in the mode „saving the world” They do not attract as much population as the free mode, you can say that the game lives only from micropayments. These, in turn, are not invasive and involve only cosmetic changes.

What you can buy? Collectors, who some we use to get material The game has two modes of gameplay. We cannot quickly get rid of the object we are currently holding in our hands by pressing the assigned button e are rewarded with more desirable items. What we buy? For the so-called. V-DOLCE (these in turn are bought with real currency). The cheapest pack of this currency contains five hundred of them, which seems to be equivalent to the cost of one lottery. The micropayment system is extremely profitable thanks to easy tricks. Every day in the store there are „items of the day”. Who The fact that the consumer does not want to be left behind and impulsively buys this „daily-sk e use”. In addition, Epic Games has teamed up with orking with the Twitch streaming service. The fruits of this are „free” sk Some are used to get content for Twitch Prime subscribers. Collaboration brings profits for both sides.

Every day when I log into the game, I receive information about small changes to the store, or other aspects of the game. The player is showered with more and more new content, which It is a good reminder that the economic and alliance situation in the game is very important The developers have not rested on their laurels (yet).

For whom is Fortnite?

Not for fans In climatic and more realistic games of this type, it certainly. PUBG itself was considered to be unrealistic in terms eave been playing Fortnite since the early days of Fortnite, and even though Fortnite was initially. Personally, I was quite skeptical about this production, but it charmed me with its innovative gameplay produced by the building mechanics. Optimization often makes me bet Fortnite and over his head studio is a major competitor to. Additionally, Bluehole studio „I don’t know how to do PR”. Wanting to sue Epic Games for copying their idea , they forgot that the best games have always been and will be an inspiration for other developers and while Fortnite was initially an annoying clone for me, I now understand its own identity and uniqueness. You just had to play it.