Item Level of Amidrassil Raid Loot in Patch 10.2


Prepare yourself for the ultimate loot experience in Amirdrassil! We have carefully designed the item levels to ensure that you are rewarded with the best gear possible on all four difficulties.

Just like in the legendary Dragonflight raids, the bosses in Amirdrassil drop progressively better loot. Each difficulty level offers a unique challenge and the chance to obtain even more powerful items.

On Raid Finder Difficulty, you can expect item levels ranging from 441 to 450. But don’t stop there! As you progress through the raid, the loot gets even better, with item levels increasing to 444, 447, and finally reaching a staggering 450 on the last two bosses.

If you’re ready to take on the ultimate challenge, Mythic Difficulty awaits you. The gear you’ll find here starts at an impressive Item Level 480, and as you conquer each boss, the loot gets upgraded to 4/4, reaching an incredible Item Level 489.

Difficulty Item Level
Raid Finder 441-450
Normal 454-463
Heroic 467-476
Mythic 480-489