Turbulent Timeways Returns on September 26


The event known as Turbulent Timeways, which consists of 5 weeks of Timewalking, will make its return on September 26. This time around, players will have the opportunity to obtain a mount upon completing the event’s meta-achievement.

Turbulent Timeways Schedule

According to the in-game calendar on live servers, the event is scheduled to commence on September 26 and conclude on October 30.

turbulent timeways.jpg

Turbulent Timeways Rewards

  • The weekly quest will grant players one piece of Heroic Aberrus loot. In total, participants will receive 5 pieces of Heroic Aberrus loot over the course of the 5 weeks.
  • Players can acquire the Sandy Shalewing mount by completing the Master of the Troubled Timeways achievement.

Turbulent Timeways Meta-Achievement & Buff Stacking

A new meta-achievement has been introduced for the Timewalking event, titled Master of the Troubled Timeways. The tooltip description states:

“Obtain Mastery of Timeways for 5 consecutive weeks during the Turbulent Timeways event.”

Completing consecutive Timewalking dungeons will reward players with Distilled Knowledge of Timeways, which increases experience points gained from defeating monsters and completing quests.

Once players have accumulated 4 applications, they will receive Mastery of Timeways, which boosts XP gains from monster kills and quest completion by 30%.

In order to obtain the Sandy Shalewing mount, players must achieve Mastery of Timeways for 5 consecutive weeks as part of the meta-achievement.