Cross-Progression Is Coming To Apex Legends On Halloween

Apex Legends Season 19: Ignite is just around the corner, and despite the fact that the new season is commencing on Halloween, numerous players are feeling like Christmas arrived early following the announcement that cross-progression is ultimately being incorporated into the game.

The declaration was made through the game’s launch trailer, and Respawn developers confirmed during previews earlier this week that the new feature would indeed make its debut alongside Season 19 when it becomes active on October 31. However, how does it function exactly?

Developers explained during Season 19 previews that merging accounts would combine all cosmetics–so if you possess a Legendary-tier Wraith skin on your PC account and a Legendary-tier Revenant skin on your PlayStation account, you will soon have the ability to access both skins regardless of the platform you’re playing on, be it PC, PlayStation, or another platform.

Regarding stats and stat trackers, Respawn developers informed preview attendees that the “dominant” account–that is, the account with the highest stats (and potentially the most total matches played)–would become the player’s primary account. When merging accounts, all cosmetics from both accounts will be accessible on all platforms, but only stats from the dominant account will be displayed on the in-game stats page.

The same applies to stat trackers. If you’ve accumulated 10,000 kills with Revenant on PC, and 1,500 kills with him on Xbox, when you merge your accounts, your Revenant kill count will remain at 10,000, not the combined 11,500 kills from both account’s kill stats. Developers also confirmed that there will be “absolutely no refunds” for any purchased event/store/battle pass cosmetics that players may have duplicates of due to playing on multiple platforms. The same goes for Mythic-tier items like Heirloom Weapon Sets and Prestige Skin Sets–if you have Revenant’s Apex Nightmare Prestige Skin unlocked on two separate accounts, you will not receive a set of Heirloom Shards once you merge your account. Nevertheless, most players appear to be more concerned with simply having access to all of their cosmetics on all platforms, so those players will undoubtedly be satisfied with the way Respawn is implementing the new feature.

In the past, the issue of cross-progression has been a sensitive topic for some Apex players, partly due to conflicting communications from Respawn. Cross-progression always seemed to be just around the corner, but season after season passed without its arrival. The game’s player base would often go months–even up to a year–without receiving any updates on the feature’s impending addition. This led to complaints, confusion, and for a while, several dedicated Twitter accounts that existed solely to comment on every single one of Respawn’s Twitter posts inquiring about the status of cross-progression. It goes without saying that the news is likely to be well-received by Apex players, whether they’ve been waiting patiently or eagerly anticipating the feature’s implementation.

Cross-progression will be available as soon as Apex Legends Season 19: Ignite goes live on October 31 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.