Dragonflight Season 3 (Patch 10.2) Gear Upgrade Track Chart


We are examining the loot’s item level and upgrade tracks in Dragonflight Season 3! This encompasses the Great Vault, loot at the end of dungeons, and raid loot.

The spreadsheet was formulated by Reddit user GhostOpera.

Dragonflight Season 3

Season 3 potentially exhibits the most significant surge in item levels we have witnessed. Ordinarily, the item level escalates by 26 item levels in comparison to the preceding season, which is not the scenario in Season 3.


The spreadsheet also lacks information on crafted gear, which is available in the subsequent item levels:

  • 431-444 (Whelpling)
  • 447-460 (Base Spark Gear)
  • 460-473 (Wyrm)
  • 470-483 (Aspect)

Dragonflight Season 2

For comparison purposes, here are the gear’s item levels for the ongoing season.